Brent Hein

A fifth-generation Zimbabwean, I grew up on a 90,000-acre ranch in the lowveld and started my hunting career at a young age. After completing my education, I turned to professional hunting, earning my learners license in 1991 and qualifying as a PH in 1994. For several years, I was in Omay with Buffalo Range Safaris, one of the oldest operators in Zimbabwe, hunting primarily for buffalo and elephant. Since then, I have hunted extensively throughout Zimbabwe, guiding clients to every trophy species available in the country. I hunt with passion and intensity as well as with a deep respect for the game and for the land. While I particularly enjoy the challenge of pursuing a dangerous game and producing excellent trophies, my real aim is to provide a truly memorable experience for my clients. When you hunt with me, you become part of the team – from the planning stages through to the end of your safari, we will work together to make your dream hunt a reality.


William has hunted with me for over a decade and with his excellent natural tracking abilities and go-all-day stamina, he is an integral part of our success. William grew up in the lowveld, and like many young boys tended livestock by tracking them across large areas of grazing land, while keeping a look out for predators. Over the years, his tracking skills, sharp eyes and courage have proven a great benefit to our clients.


Regeria brings considerable skill to our hunting team as an expert skinner. He is helpful and enthusiastic in the field, assisting with tracking and driving duties to allow us to cover as much ground as possible in pursuit of our clients' trophies.